Dear Parkwood Residents,

If you are one of the 160 people who attended the Parktown North Residents Association meeting, thank you for your participation in our efforts to reclaim our suburb from criminals.

The general increase in crime has lead eight of us to form PANSEC – the Parktown North Security Association. With the intention of “Striving for a safe and peaceful suburb”, the association will be reviewing short and long term security solutions for the neighbourhood.

There are over 1000 properties in Parktown North and with your help, we believe that we can implement a security plan which will not only protect the lives of the people living in Parktown North, but will enable all of us to enjoy our suburb, rather than hiding behind high walls, electric fences, security guards and so on.

Our first step is to obtain contact information on the people living in our suburb – we have very little information, hence we are putting together a database of all residents. You are on the database which has been obtained from the street guarding initiatives, the PNRA or from the meeting held. If you have not already done so, please complete the attached forms and return to Also, please forward this email to members of the community who you have access to and ask them to send their contact details and address to Please be assured that the database is being obtained only for use by PANSEC.

At the same time, we have started a process in conjunction with security consultants and service providers to review the best and most practical security option for Parktown North. We expect this process to take two months, at which point we will provide feedback to the community and get your support.

We cannot do this alone – we need your support to ensure that Parktown North becomes a suburb which prevents crime. Please remember that the surrounding suburbs of Dunkeld, Emmerentia and Greenside all have a very proactive response to crime which pushes criminals into Parktown North. In addition to this, there are over 100 houses being renovated with an average of 8 labourers per property. These labourers are often so poorly paid (illegal immigrants) that they have nowhere else to go or cannot afford to go anywhere. Research has shown that the risk of crime increases enormously in such circumstances.

We have two choices – sit back and pretend all is OK because it hasn’t happened to me…..or, we work together to ensure it doesn’t happen to me. The choice is yours and we all know the best option for all of us.

Please assist us in assisting you. Kindly forward this email to your friends and family in Parktown North and we look forward to seeing you at the feedback meeting planned for late May or early June.

Kind Regards
John McPherson


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