How do I join the SafeParks community?

Step 1

Cancel your current security provider.

CORTAC clients only need to give one month’s notice and will be covered for Armed Response by CAP for the full month of April. Be sure to copy us on the cancellation notice.


Step 2

Contact us to join the SafeParks Scheme

Email: and we will send you the documents. The digital link will be shared in the coming days.


If you are a current SafePark’s member then you will only sign the Armed Response contract with 24/7 and give consent for your current debit order to be increased to R749 all inclusive (AR and PSS)

For new joiners, to become a member and contribute to the scheme you will sign an Armed Response contract with 24/7 and a single debit order form for R749 all inclusive (AR and PSS)

Step 3

Complete and return the sign up forms

24/7 Security will contact you to arrange for the radio transmitter to be installed


During the transition in the month of May SafeParks will cover the cost of 24/7 Security armed response as and when 24/7 Security transmitters are installed at subscribers houses. Before the installation subscribers will still be covered under their recent CAP debit order for the month IF they were previously Cortac clients.

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