Understanding the cameras used around Parkhurst

LPR Cameras

The Parkhurst Residents and Business Owners Association (PRABOA) is our local resident’s association of Parkhurst.

License plate recognition (LPR) cameras monitor vehicles’ number plates against multiple databases, including the SAPS-listed vehicles of interest (VOI). These databases include sought-after and stolen vehicles. When the LPR cameras detect a VOI, it triggers an alert to the 24/7 Security Command Centre. The 24/7 Security Armed Response teams are then deployed to locate/block the vehicle.


Overview Cameras

Overview cameras use artificial intelligence to monitor and detect abnormal activities. The iSentry software is designed to analyse CCTV camera footage in real-time. (Vumacam uses iSentry and the 24/7 Security Command Centre receives the feed and alerts that are generated by them.)

It uses deep learning to distinguish between normal and abnormal activities. In the event of abnormal activity, an alert is triggered to the 24/7 Security Command Centre where operators assess the alert and deploy the required resources, e.g. armed reaction, law enforcement, medical and fire response.

This video explains it well:

Monitoring of Cameras

24/7 Security Command Centre monitors the cameras 24/7 to ensure that the communities that communities are safe and protected.